Argead Restaurant & Terrace

Argead - the new name for flavour and high spirits!

The Argead restaurant and terrace were especially designed to provide the perfect setting for private, corporate or themed events.

The modern design and relaxing ambience pushed Argead to the top of the most beautiful restaurants and terraces in the Danube Delta.

The outstanding services, the carefully designed menu based on international and local cuisine, and the attention to details, make the  Argead restaurant and terrace a destination that will meet even the strictest demands.

When you combine the passion for culinary excellence and a refined natural setting, you find the secret to the success of the Argead restaurant and terrace!

We provide a special culinary experience and service, a pleasant environment for quiet conversation, a cosy atmosphere, as well as the infrastructure to support complex events.

When we say that we serve the best food in the area, prepared with the highest quality ingredients, we are not bragging, we are stating the facts.

In our hustle to meet the goals and challenges of every day, we often forget to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings or… a good meal! And Argead is our way of reminding you.