Attractions and sights in the area

A trip for your senses

Part of the Razim-Sinoe lagoon area, the largest in Romania, the Razelm Luxury Resort is located right in the middle of nature and surrounded by no less than 50 islands.

At even the smallest foray outdoors you will be surrounded by wetland vegetation – reed, bulrush, willows, water lilies. You will also be in the company of more then 40 species of fresh water fish, over 360 species of birds and a variety of wild animals.

Unwind in the heart of the Danube Delta, surrounded by luxury and nature, and we guarantee a memorable experience.

The Razim-Sinoe lagoon area

One of the most important sights in the Danube Delta, the lagoon area was declared the largest expanse of fresh water in Romania. In the area you will also find the Grindul Lupilor and Chituc reservations, a real paradise for tourists who want to watch dozens of species of birds in their natural habitat. The destination is superb, and the journey to it is just as wonderful.

The Enisala Stronghold

The ruins of the medieval stronghold lie on Dealul Gras, a limestone hill towering over the Razim and Babadag lake area, about 2 km away from Enisala. The scenery unfolding at the foot of the stronghold are absolutely spectacular. You can admire from above the hills in the Enisala reservation and the Razim Babadag lakes, which at sunset give a fantastic view.

The Danube Delta

Doubtlessly one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Romania. It the best preserved delta in Europe and part of the UNESCO World Heritage. A charming corner of wild nature where the only traces of civilisation are the boats sliding every so often through the canal labyrinth. Over 5,500 species live in the delta, of which over 1,800 are plants, many protected by law.

The Argamum Stronhgold and Cape Doloșman

On the shores of the Razelm Lake you will find true historical treasures – the Argamum Stronhgold and Cape Doloșman, the first settlements on Romanian land mentioned in ancient documents (VI century BCE). On the way there, you can enjoy the beauty of the Jurilovca village, a special spot populated by Lipovans. Tourists who arrive in this place are pleasantly surprised by its quaintness.

Gura Portiței

Gura Portiței provides an experience unique in Europe, because it is a strip of sand that separates two worlds: the Black Sea and the Danube Delta lakes, particularly the Razelm Lake. It was established as a fishing village, but nowadays it is an extremely attractive destination for more and more tourists. You can easily get to Gura Portiței by boat or by motorboat from the Jurilovca village.

The Jurilovca Harbour

The Jurilovca Harbour is the main point of departure to Gura Portiței and to other destinations in the Danube Delta, such as Cape Doloșman or the Razelm Lake. The harbour is located on the shore of the Golovița Lake and has a capacity of 80 docking spaces, a green area and a dedicated picnic area.

The Razelm and Golovița streets

The Razelm street is just above the waterfront that borders the village. Together with Golovița, it is one of the few streets that still boasts the traditional look of the Lipovan village. Along these streets you may admire houses that are more than 100 years old, covered in reed, with traditional windows. Discover the Jurilovca of old, and maybe the elderly in the area will welcome you smiling with a “Dobri Deni”.

The Măcin Mountains National Park

The oldest mountains in the country hide the only national park outside the Carpathians and its fantastic biodiversity. “Via Pontica”, the second largest migratory bird flyway in Europe (over 30,000 birds) passes over them. Here you will also find the Iacobdeal Lake, which was formed by filling with water an old granite quarry, and a “Sphynx” resembling the one in Bucegi.