Those on top deserve to watch the world from above. The Razelm Luxury Resort has its own heliports and makes available to its guests two different helicopters that can be chartered upon request, providing an exclusive experience on various air routes:

  • Transfer from Bucharest to the Razelm Luxury Resort (round trip)
  • Transfer from the Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport in Constanta to the Razelm Luxury Resort (round trip)
  • Visit to the Macin Mountains
  • Visit to Gura Portitei
  • Visit to the Histria Stronghold
  • Visit to the Enisala Stronghold
  • Visit to Grindu Chituc / Grindu Lupilor
  • Visit to Sulina

The helicopters available are:

  • The Airbus As350, VIP class, one of the best such aircrafts, can transport up to 5 passengers.
  • Bell 206 JetRanger, “Economic” class, the best known and most versatile turbine engine helicopters ever built, can transport up to 4 passengers.


If you want to experience a wave of adrenaline while you enjoy absolute freedom and the greatness of the nature “where the grass grows”, you should try one of the ATV tours in the Danube Delta offered by the Razelm Luxury Resort.

Admire the area’s natural heirlooms on of the six powerful Linhai 500 Pro Max ATVs, which may be operated if you have a B category driver’s licence.

The attendants on service and support vehicles are there to guarantee a worry-free experience.

Canoes and hydro-bikes

Razelm Luxury Resort gives you the opportunity to explore the wild areas of the Razelm Lake or the heart of the Danube Delta by canoe. Enjoy the adventure and get an up-close look at the nature and magic of the water!

Such wonderful outing on the surface of the water doesn’t have an age limit and is available to anyone who is open to try something new or is willing to explore. The offers are customised to your wish. You can make a booking by phone, by e-mail or, if the logistics allow it, at the Razelm Luxury Resort.

The Razelm Luxury Resort Boat

Discover the wonders of nature and the secrets of the local history and let yourself be amazed by the magnificent colours of the Danube Delta, choosing to take a ride on the Razelm Luxury Resort boat!

We have prepared special routes, leaving from the Razelm Luxury Resort pier to striking destinations, filled with luxurious vegetation, where the fauna puts on a fantastic show.

Plan a ride